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Our Mission

Becomeanutritionist.org simplifies the process for aspiring professionals looking for a career in nutrition by providing comprehensive resources, guiding them through diverse state requirements.

About BecomeANutritionist.org

Our business groupBecomeANutritionist.org was created to educate readers about the many and varied types of careers available within the nutrition and dietetics field in the United States.  The educational, experiential, and certification requirements differ vastly from one nutrition-related profession to another.  Complicating matters even more, each state has its own regulations on who can legally practice nutrition and what requirements must be met before this can occur.

This site will help readers to better understand the steps required to undertake all sorts of nutrition-related careers. If you wish to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), for example, consult our state pages to learn what the RDN requirements are within the particular state(s) you wish to practice.  If you wish to become another type of nutritionist, our state pages will detail how you can accomplish this goal. Other career possibilities within the realm of nutrition are also explained, including, but not limited to, dietetic technician, registered; certified nutrition specialist; food safety auditor; and sports nutritionist.

Degrees available in nutrition and dietetics are also explored within these pages. Whether you are interested in dipping a toe into the waters of nutrition and dietetics through getting a certificate or associate’s degree, are set on getting a bachelor’s degree, or want to pursue a master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics, the educational pathways involved in each degree type, as well as career options available to graduates, are explained here.

Who We Are

As a small, independent group of web publishers, we have no outside affiliations and do not rely on outside funding of any kind. This has allowed us to create a completely objective resource designed with nutrition related students in mind.

We conducted our groundwork directly from professionals in the field. Working with practicing Nutrition and Dietetic professionals, as well as graduate students currently enrolled in nutrition related programs, we meticulously curated essential information from leading nutrition and dietetic agencies, shaping it with a student journey focus to create a step-by-step user-friendly resource.

Our talented staff writers who performed the research that went into this project have spent years writing about educational and career topics.

These pages also contain useful blog articles on topics of particular interest to nutrition and dietetics students, as well as to nutrition professionals and consumers.

These pages will be updated as new developments in the field of nutrition and dietetics occur.

Please keep in mind that these pages are intended as an informative guide to assist you in making educational and career decisions. This site does not list all educational options available to those who want to become nutritionists, dietitians, or other nutrition professionals, nor does it feature every college and university offering nutrition and dietetics programs. We encourage you to utilize our site and to also do your own research before making any final decisions about educational pathways and your future career.