Becoming a Licensed or Non-Licensed Nutritionist in Wyoming

The Trust for America’s Health,Wyoming which publishes an annual “State of Obesity” report about obesity rates in all states, reported that as of 2019, Wyoming’s rate of obesity was 29 percent, ranking it 37th among all states in terms of obesity rates. Almost 65 percent of Wyoming’s adults self-report as overweight or obese. Additionally, Wyoming’s obesity rates grew by less than five percent between 2013 and 2018.

Adults living in rural areas of Wyoming are more obese than those living in urban areas, the report goes on to say. Additionally, rural areas have a higher prevalence of chronic diseases related to obesity, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Teton County is the state’s least obese county, with a 10 percent obesity rate. 

Dietitians and nutritionists can help Wyoming’s residents to learn healthier eating practices and live more fulfilling lifestyles of wellness. Dietitians must be licensed in Wyoming in order to practice. Nutritionists must also be licensed, and a licensed nutritionist is considered to be a licensed dietitian (the two terms are interchangeable). It is possible, however, to work as a non-licensed nutritionist in Wyoming. Here, we will discuss the ways in which you may become a nutritionist in the state of Wyoming. 

Laws Regulating Nutritionists in Wyoming

Wyoming law dictates that only licensed professionals may call themselves dietitians or nutritionists. In order to be a licensed nutritionist in Wyoming, you must fulfill the mandates of the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) first and become a registered dietitian. [For more information on how to become a dietitian in Wyoming, click here (Becoming a Registered Dietitian in Wyoming)

This does not mean, however, that non-licensed nutrition professionals (who cannot legally call themselves nutritionists) may not practice in Wyoming. There are exemptions to Wyoming statute § 33-47-103 stating that the following professionals may practice nutrition or dietetics without a license:

  • A licensed health care professional who is performing services consistent with their license, as long as they do not claim to be practicing dietetics or represent themselves as a licensed dietitian
  • A person employed by a school district who is responsible for purchasing food, menu planning, food safety and/or meal preparation, who uses general, non-medical nutrition information in performing their job duties, as long as they do not claim to be practicing dietetics or represent themselves as a licensed dietitian
  • A retailer who provides oral or written general non-medical nutrition information relating to food, dietary supplements, or food materials, or in the marketing of food, dietary supplements or food materials
  • An instructor at a college or university in a course in nutrition education, human nutrition, food and nutrition, public health nutrition, food systems management, or dietetics
  • A person who is providing weight control services
  • A person who is offering general, non-medical nutritional information, as part of sales of nutritional products or independently, as long as they do not claim to be practicing dietetics or represent themselves as a licensed dietitian

Education for Unlicensed Nutrition Professionals in Wyoming

You can work as a non-licensed nutritionist in Wyoming as long as you do not call yourself a nutritionist, dietitian, or purport to be licensed in either or both of those areas. Many holistic nutrition professionals practice in the state and do not have a license. It is important to have education in the field, however, and there are choices available if you decide to pursue working as a non-licensed nutrition professional in Wyoming. Some of them include:

  • Master of Science in Family & Consumer Sciences – Human Nutrition and Food Emphasis – University of Wyoming, Laramie
  • Bachelor of Science in Family & Consumer Sciences – Human Nutrition and Food – University of Wyoming, Laramie
  • Associate of Science in Health Science – Northern Wyoming Community College District, Sheridan
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Food, Nutrition and Health – Central Wyoming College, online
  • Graduate Certificate or Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine – University of Western States, online

Certification at the Professional Level for Unlicensed Nutrition Professionals in Wyoming

Professional certification is another option that many non-licensed Wyoming nutrition professionals seek. It shows the public, potential employers, and prospective clients that you have been trained to the highest standards of your profession. Examples of potential certifications that non-licensed nutrition professional in Wyoming may pursue include:

Certified Food Manager (CFM)– This certification through ANSI has various levels, starting at Food Handler and working up to Certified Food Manager. They require completion of training courses and passing certification examinations. These certifications are mandatory for persons handling food or for a person in charge of food services. 

ServSafe Certification – There are various levels of ServSafe certification, from worker to manager. It requires completion of an online or instructor-led course and passing a certification examination. This type of certification is usually mandatory for jobs in which you will be handling food.

Certified Health Coach – This credential through the Health Coach Institute involves completion of a training program and passing a certification examination. 

Jobs for Non-Licensed Nutrition Professionals in Wyoming

Examining the online classified ads is another way to gauge the availability of jobs for non-licensed nutrition professionals in Wyoming. As of November 2022, the following Wyoming jobs were available for nutrition professionals without a license:

  • Food and Nutrition Services Manager- EmpRes Healthcare, Rawlins
    • Salary: $19-$21/hour
    • Mandatory: High school diploma or equivalent
    • Preferred: Graduate of a program in food service supervision with a minimum of 90 hours of supervised instruction and consulting from a licensed dietician
    • Preferred: Certified Food Manager certification 
    • Preferred: Previous managerial experience
  • Whole Body Associate Team Leader – Whole Foods Market, Jackson
    • Salary: not listed
    • Mandatory: High school diploma or equivalent
    • Mandatory: At least 18 months of team member experience
    • Mandatory: At least six months of supervisory experience
  • Food Service Director – Trinity Services Group, Gilette
    • Salary: $55,000/year
    • Mandatory: High school diploma or equivalent
    • Mandatory: Five years of management or supervisory food service experience
    • Mandatory: ServSafe certification
    • Mandatory: Must be at least 18 years old
  • Adjunct Instructor, Health Sciences and Wellness – Laramie County Community College, Cheyenne
    • Salary: $700 per credit hour
    • Mandatory: Master’s degree in health sciences, nutrition or related field
    • Preferred: One yeas of experience with web-based learning management systems
    • Preferred: Two years of college teaching experience
  • Studio Coach – WW International, Casper
    • Salary: $31,900-$40,400/year
    • Mandatory: Social media savvy or content creator experience
    • Mandatory: Good listening and counseling skills
    • Preferred: Experience in facilitating groups
  • Wellness Activities Specialist – Yakutat Community Health Center, Airport Road
    • Salary: $26,000-$33,000/year
    • Mandatory: High school diploma or equivalent
    • Mandatory: Able to pass state and federal background check
    • Mandatory: Experience in working with youth, community partners, and agencies
    • Mandatory: COVID-19 vaccination