Becoming a Licensed or Non-Licensed Nutritionist in Nevada

Although the state of NevadaNevada only licenses dietitians, they do not regulate the provision of individualized nutrition services, meaning that nutritionists are allowed, under exemptions in the law, to practice. The titles of dietitian, licensed dietitian, and L.D. are protected, meaning that unless you are licensed, you may not call yourself a dietitian, licensed dietitian, or L.D. The concept of a licensed nutritionist does not exist in Nevada. However, non-licensed nutritionists are permitted to practice under the exemptions in the state’s Revised Statutes Section 640E.090. In this article, we will examine how non-licensed nutritionists are able to practice in the state of Nevada, and how to become one.

What Can a Nutritionist Do Without a License in Nevada?

An unlicensed individual (that is, one without a dietitian license) may legally do a number of things. Here is what the exemptions to Nevada Revised Statutes Section 640E.090 says:

  • A person who is licensed or registered in a profession other than dietitian in the state (such as physician, dentist, nurse, optician, optometrist, respiratory care practitioner, occupational therapist, athletic trainer, physical therapist, psychologist, podiatric physician, marriage and family therapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, doctor of Oriental medicine, perfusionist, pharmacist, or medical laboratory director or technician) who is practicing under the scope of their license/registration, and does not represent that they are a licensed or registered dietitian, may provide nutrition information incidental to their practice.
  • An unlicensed person may provide nutrition information, recommendations, nutrition advice, market foods, food materials or dietary supplements, may do so without a license, as long as they do not claim to be a licensed or registered dietitian.
  • An unlicensed person may provide weight loss/weight control services through a program that is supervised or reviewed by a licensed, registered dietitian 

Nevada’s law even spells out what exactly they consider to be “nutrition information”:

  • Information relating to the principles of nutrition and the effect of nutrition on the human body, including, but not limited to:
    • Preparation of food
    • Foods that are included in a normal daily diet
    • Essential nutrients the human body requires and their recommended amounts
    • Specific foods or supplements that provide essential nutrients

What Type of Education and Certification is for Non-Licensed Nutritionists in Nevada?

When it comes to education for non-licensed nutritionists in Nevada, you are under no obligation to get any level or type of training, as the profession is not regulated. You should, however, have some basic, fundamental nutritional knowledge before you set out to work as an unlicensed nutritionist in Nevada. If you wish to pursue a college degree in nutrition, choices in Nevada include, but are not limited to:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition – Nutritional Science at University of Nevada, Reno
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Sciences – Nutrition and Dietetics Management at University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Food Service Operations at College of Southern Nevada
  • Associate of Applied Science in Food and Beverage Management at College of Southern Nevada

If you wish to work as a non-licensed nutritionist in Nevada, many certification programs that are available online will provide training and test your skills at the end of that training, offering you certification upon passing. A few common credentials that unlicensed nutritionists in Nevada often pursue include:

  • International Sports Science Association (ISSA)- ISSA Nutritionist and ISSA Sports Nutritionist certifications- online classes in areas such as:
    • Macronutrients
    • Micronutrients
    • Lifestyle changes and strategies
    • Product claims and labels
    • Client assessments and setting goals
    • Dietary guidelines and their applications
    • The business of nutrition coaching
    • Supplements
    • Trending diets and myths
  • National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF)– NCSF Sports Nutrition certification- online classes in areas such as:
    • Enhancing performance through nutrients
    • Balancing weight and activity
    • Evaluating nutrient and supplementation requirements for performance enhancement
    • Timing nutrients and fluids for optimal results
  • National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA)- NESTA Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS) certification- online classes in areas such as:
    • Barriers to proper nutrition
    • The science of performance nutrition
    • Review of physiology
    • Chemistry and biology
    • Application of nutrition science for greater performance
    • Carbohydrate needs for high-performance athletes
    • Dietary strategies for proper fat intake
    • Protein and its optimal timing for metabolic adaptations
    • Performance, recovery and event eating
    • Antioxidants and their function
    • Understanding unique micronutrient requirements of athletes
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) – ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification- online classes such as:
    • Implementing healthy food choices into a daily routine
    • Addressing specific nutritional needs of different types of clients
    • Selecting fresh, nutrient-dense foods
    • Behavior change strategies 

Are There Jobs for Non-Licensed Nutritionists in Nevada?

As you can surmise, it’s easy for licensed dietitians to find jobs in Nevada. But what about non-licensed nutritionists? A quick search of online classifieds found the following job opportunities for nutrition specialists without a license in Nevada (circa September 2022):

  • Director of Dietary/Food Services – Spring Mountain Treatment Center, Las Vegas
    • Salary: not specified
    • Bachelor degree preferred
    • Three years of experience in a hospital setting, with two years of experience in institutional cooking required
    • ServSafe certification required within first three months of employment
  • Supervisor of Clinical Nutrition – Renown Health, Reno
    • Salary: $57,100 to $72,300/yr
    • Bachelor degree preferred
    • Three years of experience in institutional or healthcare food production and service required
    • ServSafe certification required within first three months of employment
  • Diabetes Educator – Washoe Tribe of Nevada & California, Gardnerville
    • Salary: $59,961 to $89,942/year
    • Bachelor’s degree in nutrition or nursing required, Master’s degree preferred
    • Experience in clinical and community nutrition preferred
    • Driver’s license required
  • Health Coach – Vera Whole Health, Henderson
    • Salary: $59,600 to $75,400/year
    • One to three years of coaching experience required
    • National Board Certified in Health and Wellness Coach certification required within 18 months of employment
  • Wellness Specialist – Life Extension Foundation Buyers Club, Inc., Las Vegas
    • Salary: $35,200 to $44,600/year
    • Bachelor degree preferred
    • Knowledge of vitamins and supplements preferred
    • Advanced knowledge of online researching tools (PubMed, Internet Explorer, etc.) required


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